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Waterborne Sealer & Polyurethane


The Purity of Coating. Go green without sacrificing top performance. We have taken the best attributes of our existing technologies and adapted them into our waterborne systems. We have fast drying primers and chemically resistant clear topcoats. We’re providing you with tomorrow’s answers today!

Used as the final clear coat on regularly used surfaces. Best on counters tops, tables, and other hard surfaces.

This lacquer is water based and is safer to use than other High VOC oil based Lacquers.

Available in:

1 Liter, 2 Litres, 4 Liters, 5 Gallons

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Product Description

Acrylic based sealer developed to enhance the rich colour of exotic woods like cherry, walnut and others. This water white formulation is high in solids and is easy to apply. It has excellent sandability and is compatible with all Chemcraft® waterborne topcoats.


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