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Red Oak
Red OakRed Oak

Red Oak



$6 per board foot

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Product Description

Red Oak: Red Oak varies in shade from white with a pinkish tinge to a medium brown with a reddish cast. Quarter sawn sections will display prominent ray fleck patterns.

Characteristics: Red Oak is a heavy hardwood with high crushing strength, medium bending strength and stiffness. It is exceptional for steam bending. Good results are produced with both hand and machine tools. Pre-boring is recommended for nails and wood screws. This wood has great wear-resistance to abrasion. Red Oak accepts glues, stains, finishes, and polishes easily. This type of hardwood has no blotching problems. The open pores absorb more stain making the grain pattern appear quite evident. A preservative treatment is required for outdoor furniture or decking to withstand insect damage. This type of hardwood also has moderately high shrinkage values, especially in flat sawn boards, resulting in mediocre dimensional stability.

Common Uses: Red oak is commonly used for cabinetry, flooring, veneer, mine timbers, pulpwood, boxes, crates, handles, paneling, doors and furniture. It is also used for mouldings, railroad ties, fuel wood, pallets, interior trim, fence posts, wooden ware, general millwork and caskets.

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