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$4-6 per board foot

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Product Description

Poplar: The sapwood of Poplar is creamy white to pale yellow. The heartwood of this lumber is light yellow to yellowish brown. There may be streaks of gray or green occasionally throughout. The green shade will darken on exposure to light turning brown.

Characteristics: Poplar has excellent strength and stability. Although it ranks low for shock resistance, density, and stiffness, it has medium density and moderate strength. Poplar is very easy to work with in almost all regards. It is a versatile wood that is easy to glue, paint, stain and bore. This lumber is worked easily with hand tools and power equipment. Poplar can easily be turned and carved with sharp tools. To prevent damage from harsh weather conditions and insects, it is recommended to use protective finishes when using outdoors. To avoid blotching use a shellac wash coat prior to staining. An oil based stain is recommended to help prevent raising the grain pattern. It dries easily with minimal movement. Due to Poplar’s fine grain texture it does not require wood filler and can be finished to a high luster.

Common Uses: Some of the most common uses for Poplar are siding, door construction, molding, crates, trim, millwork, plywood, paneling, pallets, and picture frames. It is also used in furniture construction, music instruments, and kitchen cabinets. It is ideal for the construction of wooden toys and novelty items because it can be easily carved due to its softness.

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