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Jatoba hardwood closeup
Jatoba hardwood closeupJatoba hardwood closeupJatoba hardwood closeupJatoba hardwood closeup

Jatoba Hardwood



$15 per board foot

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Product Description

Jatoba originates from South America (Brazil). It displays a rich colour through light orange to reddish-brown shades with dark brown bands. This exotic hardwood features a golden luster.

Jatoba is very durable, especially when it comes resistance to rot, termites and most other insects. This type of wood is much harder than tigerwood, mohangy, and hickey. Although it’s very strong, hard and tough, it still has very good bending characteristics and high shock resistance.

Common uses for this hard wood are flooring, fine furniture, joinery, cabinetry, turned objects, joinery, tool handles, railroad ties, sporting goods, wheel rims, and other small specialty items.

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