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Bees Wax



Available in blocks and jars.


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Product Description

Refined Rustic Furniture uses Beeswax for finishing. More popular then ever, people are attracted to natural products like beeswax in woodworking. Beeswax is completely natural and safe.

After staining or using oils to maintain your hard and softwoods its recommended to use wax to give the surface of your project a complete smooth and sealed finish with something eco-friendly and non-toxic. Beeswax is often used on woods that may be near food or young children.

Beeswax is used as a polish and a sealant. This polish will help protect the color of your stain, seal your wood from unwanted stains, and keep the wood from drying out and cracking. It can also serve as a stand alone wood sealer and stain.

Furniture finished with common toxic products like Varathane and lacquer contain ‘bad’ ingredients that can be a large source of indoor pollution. Using beeswax eliminates that threat.

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