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Create Your Table

Yes we do custom tables!

We turn your ideas into Wood Art!

Follow the process on how we create your furniture. Our blogs will showcase the different stories and projects to create your own featured furniture and designs.

We love to discuss your ideas  and how we can bring them to life. You are in control of every stage of development. Select your level of participation. Once we agree on a rough prototype style, you’ll select the individual boards and style for a mock up model. You can even tour our lumber warehouse in Crossfield, Ab to choose from an even bigger selection. Once you approve the mock-up, we build it! Then we apply your selected eco-friendly finish.

Refined Rustic Furniture builds quality hand crafted tables of all types and sizes, From board room tables to end tables. Walnut_table

As easy as 1. 2. 3. 4.

Follow the process on how we create your furniture.

1. First we discuss your ideas and how we can bring them to life. Tables, Stools, Counter Tops, even archery Bows and other unique pieces. When we know what the masterpiece will be we will select the best wood, style, look and finish.

Cherry Table

Cherry Table being joined together

2. You select your level of participation. Do-It-Yourself can start anywhere, we do many start-to-finish pieces. We can plane and straight edge the boards for you to join and process, or we can continue until your ready.  Knots and cracks get filled with epoxy. Once strait and filled we compression-join the pieces together with a high strength wood glue and many, many clamps. 

3. Joined and still rough many clients will take it from there. After drying is complete we will rough sand all the larger imperfections with 40-80 grit papers we then jump to 140, 200 and 250 grit papers to make the surface perfectly flat and smooth.

4. Your table is almost done! Now you need to apply the finishing oils. Refined Rustic Furniture recommends a combination of Tung oil and bees wax for a overall natural and fine finish. Stains or other colouring can be added now. Once the coating is applied and dried your table is ready for a life to last hundreds of years.

Refined Rustic Furniture prides itself on quality hand crafted furniture. We love wood and you will too!

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