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Roasted Walnut.

Refined Rustic Furniture: Roasted Walnut.

Due to popular request we have brought in some new and exciting lumber. See our other blog posts for info on our other unique varieties.

Roasted Walnut

Roasted Walnut Lumber

This spring proves to be a busy building season. Our woodworking friends are making more projects and unique creations than ever.

In celebration of spring we have imported in some limited quantities of Roasted Walnut.

Roasted Walnut: Walnut by itself is a fantastic choice for any table or large surface. Roasted Walnut comes richer with more consistent variations. The wood colour is in the darker hue. Matching boards is an easier task without lighter coloured sapwood showing. If you like dark, natural looking furniture then this is a perfect starting point. When working with Roasted Walnut the smell of the timber is much like a camp fire and has pleasant therapeutic aroma.

Roasted Walnut

Close up grain of Roasted Walnut

Roasted wood is decay resistant. Shrinking and swelling are considerably lower. Gaps and splits are less likely to appear and it maintains an even higher dimensional stability than the non-roasted version.  Bending strength is not significantly lowered.

Roasted wood is often used as a substitute for pressure treated lumber.  Using roasted wood allows you to avoid harsh chemicals and still maintain rich vibrant colours. During the roasting process the sugars are converted and no longer usable by fungi and molds. Staining is often not required because of the natural even gold colours. These woods stand on their own and are very sought after in woodworking.

Roasted wood is made at very high temperatures, over 200 Degrees Celsius in a vacuum. Humidity is slowly added and the final product is a dimensionally sound hardwood with even colouration. Heating changes the physical and chemical properties of the wood. Since no toxins, chemicals, or dyes are used then roasting is very environmentally friendly.

See our Roasted Walnut and much of our other selection in our catalog here.


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