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The Family Tree

This family tree growth chart is a fun and interesting way to catalog your families development.

1. Selecting the piece: We cut a piece of live edge Pine 10″ wide, 2″ thick and 10′ tall at our saw mill in Crossfield Ab. Any rustic wide piece of wood works just fine. Lighter coloured wood is best so you can mark and write on it during the growth of your loved ones. Softer wood works too like Pine or Fir so you can use thumb tacks or other hardware to add pictures and other keepsakes. Once we picked our piece we were off to the finishing shop in Calgary.

2. Sanding & Surfacing: We planed the family tree flat and somewhat smooth. We used a mop sander on a drill to remove burs and roughness from the bark. Using a mop sander will maintain the edges rustic look and feel and removes slivers. The flat surface was sanded with 60, 80, 150 and 250 sand papers over a number of hours.

3. Filling: There were a couple small knots in the wood that left small holes. We filled these with resin epoxy. Once dry we sanded again and made sure all the wholes and cracks were completely filled. We use 2 types of filler resin. For larger gaps we use basic thick epoxy and for small cracks and splits we use a hardened 2 part resin.

4. Finishing: There are many ways to finish, seal and harden your wood. For this family tree we used standard oil based lacquer. We used a spray lacquer and coated it 8 times. This was fast and easy. Today was tend to use and recommend more natural products like Tung Oil, Bees Wax, water based laquers. These are safer to use with less harsh chemicals and is a more environmentally friendly products. We recomment these products for homeowners and do-it-yourself folks.

5. Install: Once complete we fastened it to a stud in the home using 2x 4″ screws fastened from the top and bottom.

This family tree moves and grows with you. Nourish your memories and keep them growing on the family tree. You can attach photos and keepsakes for all the family to enjoy and contribute to.

Live edge tree slabs and accessory branches easily fastened to your wall. Completely portable, so you can always bring your cherished memories with you.

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